FAMILY   Pyralidae
SUBFAMILY   Phycitinae
COMMON NAME   Indian Meal
NAME   Plodia interpunctella
HODGES   6019
DISPLAY #   568
DESCRIPTION   The 2005 spread specimen was provided and identified by John Glaser of Berkeley Springs, WV. The 2007 image was taken Jan 14th @ H. Elkton, Cecil County; Colesville and Takoma Park, Montgomery County; College Park and Piscataway Park, P.G. County. Jan 14th (indoors) to June 27th. The most frequently encountered stored product pest domestically, feeding on all kinds of dried vegetable products. Our records are probably all from infested cereals and other food products indoors. It is questionable whether the species can survive outdoors in this climate because none have ever been taken at light, unlike Pyralis farinalis or Galleria mellonella. Although now distributed worldwide, it is thought to be of subtropical or tropical American origin. e r