FAMILY   Noctuidae
SUBFAMILY   Hadeninae
TRIBE   Eriopygini
COMMON NAME   Southern Homorthodes Furfurata
NAME   Homorthodes lindseyi
HODGES   10532b
DISPLAY #   1439
DESCRIPTION   The 2005 image was taken May 5th, 2000 from the Severn River on the NRMA, Anne Arundel County, MD. 2006 image taken September 8th @ H. Common over the state. All., A.A., Balt., Dor., Gar., Har., Howard, Kent., PG, Talbot, Wash., and Wo. Counties. May 2nd to September 8th. Larva reported feeding upon dead leaves and black cherry. Although currently cataloged as a subspecies, this moth is sympatric with furfurata and is probably a good species. e r