FAMILY   Noctuidae
SUBFAMILY   Cuculliinae
TRIBE   Xylenini
COMMON NAME   Straight-Toothed Sallow
NAME   Eupsilia vinulenta
HODGES   9933
DISPLAY #   1353
DESCRIPTION   The 2004 top left image was taken November 24th. The remaining 2004 images (same moth) were taken April 3rd @ H. The 2005 image was taken January 3rd @ H. The 2006 image was taken January 28th @ H. Common over State. All., A.A., Balt., Calvert, Charles, Dor., Har., Howard, Kent, PG., Wash. and Wic. Counties. October 17th to April 23rd. Adults reared from cherry, oak, maple and box elder. Eupsila are most easily collected at baits on warm winter evenings. e r