FAMILY   Noctuidae
SUBFAMILY   Cuculliinae
TRIBE   Feraliini
COMMON NAME   Major Sallow
NAME   Feralia major
HODGES   10007
DISPLAY #   1371
DESCRIPTION   The 2004 images were taken April 7th and the 29th. Both specimens are mellanic with the second top image being VERY dark. The left top specimen was provided by Bob Patterson of Bowie, MD and identified by John Glaser of Baltimore, MD. The right top was image (taken April 29th) from Frederick County, MD, had many experts stumped till January 4th, 2005. Scarce, but widely distributed in Maryland. All., Balt., Frederick, Howard and Washington Counties. March 27 to April 27th. Larva feed on larches, pines and spruces. e r