FAMILY   Geometridae
SUBFAMILY   Ennominae
TRIBE   Boarmiini
COMMON NAME   The Small Engrailed
NAME   Ectropis crepuscularia
HODGES   6597
DISPLAY #   631
DESCRIPTION   The 2002 (M) image was taken during the period of April 2nd to May 7th. The 2003 (M) image was taken July 15th. The 2004 (M) melanic images (same moth) stomped me for a few days till Hugh McGuinness identified it from Louis Handfield's Moth reference. The 2006 image was taken January 29th. All were taken @ H. Common overState. All., A.A., Balt., Calvert, Garrett, Howard, PG., Talbot, Wash. and Wic. Counties. January 29th to November 9th. Larva a general feeder. e r