FAMILY   Crambidae
SUBFAMILY   Pyraustinae
TRIBE   Pyraustini
NAME   Nealgedonia extricalis
HODGES   4956A
DISPLAY #   335
DESCRIPTION   Cunningham Swamp, Garrett State Forest, Gar. County, June 14th and August 5th; Plummer's Island, Montgomery County, (no dates); Lakeland, P.G. County, May 21st to June 26th; 2 mile N. Charlestown, Cecil County, August 21st; Gumbottom Bog, near Arden, A.A. County, June 3rd and 11th and August 22nd (4); 3 mile E. Hurlock, Dor. County, August 8th; Indian Springs WMA, All. County, May 23rd (2). A widespread species in roughly the eastern half of North America from the Northwest Territories to Florida and Texas. N. extricalis occuring here is the southern subspecies. Larvae of the northern subspecies, dionalis (Wlk) are reported to be leafrollers on alder, balsam poplar and white birch. (Munroe, 1976:35). e r