FAMILY   Crambidae
SUBFAMILY   Pyraustinae
TRIBE   Pyraustini
NAME   Anania funebris glomeralis
HODGES   4958A
DISPLAY #   337
DESCRIPTION   All., Carroll, Garrett and Washington Counties. June 12th to 26th. Locally common. Another generally more northern, holarctic species, with the name glomeralis referring to the North America form. A day-flying species, common and easily flushed in bogs and wet meadows in Garrett County with plants such as Eupatorium, Aster, Solidago and Turtlehead (Chelone glabra L.). At Roller, it occurred in the same habitat and at the same time as the State butterfly. Euphy phaeton (Drury), which feeds on Chelone. The unusual black and white pattern and orange tegulae almost exactly minic those of Alypia octomaculata (F.) or A. langtoni couper. Although funebris is much smaller. This maybe the southernmost locality near sea level, although the species reaches North Carolina at mile-high elevations in the Appalachians. Larva in a web on underside of basal leaves or in flowerheads of goldenrods, Solidago sp. (Munroe, 1976:37). e r