FAMILY   Crambidae
SUBFAMILY   Nymphulinae
TRIBE   Nymphulini
NAME   Petrophila fulicalis
HODGES   4777
DISPLAY #   299
DESCRIPTION   The 2004 (F) images (same moth) were taken May 24th @ H. The night of the Cicadas! It was amazing that I even saw it amongst the Cicadas. The wing span as shown in the spread image is 17.7 mm. Patuxent Res. Ctr., A.A. Co.; Colesville, Cabin John, Plummer's Island and Sycamore Landing, Montgomery County; Charlestown and 2 mile N. Perryville, both Cecil County; Eastern Neck NWR, Kent Co., Piscataway Park, P.G. Co., September 16th and Wash. County (no locality). May 23rd to October 3rd. Occurs from New York to Maryland and Viriginia, and probably more widespread. The larva of this and other species of the Petrophila lives under a silk web of up to 1.0 x 5.0 inches spun on rocks in rapidly flowing streams (Lloyd, 1914; Munroe, 1972:126). e r